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Basketball Stars: Multijoueur


Step into the world of “Basketball Stars,” a thrilling multiplayer basketball game created by the masterminds behind several renowned eSports titles! Show off your dribbling, shooting, and scoring prowess as you compete in this fiercely competitive sports arena. Grab the ball, aim for victory, and let your skills shine on the global stage! Can you rise to the top and become one of the true Basketball Stars? It’s time to take on the challenge and conquer the court!


Get ready to showcase your basketball skills in “Basketball Stars”! You can use both the mouse and keyboard to play the game.

Mouse Controls:

– Use the mouse to aim and adjust the direction of your shots.
– Click and hold the mouse button to control the power of your shot.
– Release the mouse button to shoot the ball.

Keyboard Controls:

– You can also use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move your player on the court.
– Press the Spacebar key to make your player jump and attempt to block shots or grab rebounds.


800 X 600

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